"I believe that in a great city , or even in a small city or in a village, a great theater is outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture." -- Laurance Olivier

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Bade Bhai Sahab

Written by: Munshi Premchand
Adaptation and Direction by: Vijay Kumar
Language - Hindi
Actor - Gyanendra Singh & Ajay Jayram
Duration- 60 Minutes

"Bade Bhai Sahab" is one of the masterpiece stories by legendary Hindi writer Munshi Premchand (1880-1936). It was published in Year 1910. "Bade Bhai Sahab" is an intimate portrayal of the affection, rivalry and status game between two brothers. Away from home, they live in a hostel. Their nature is in complete contrast to each other. While the elder brother is studious, punctilious, philosophical and rebellious; the younger one is carefree and outdoorsman who loves to play with friends. The play takes you into a sweet journey of childhood days, where elder brother (Bade Bhai Sahab) emphasised on mastering English language, scolding his brother and giving him an example of Raavan, criticising the education system and it's superficial value, memorising and scoring the grade.Bade Bhai Sahab tries to maintain his dominance and self-esteem over his younger brother, who is brilliant, bright and starts overtaking him. Eminent Theatre personality Mr Vijay Kumar has directed the play .


Written - Uday Prakash Ji
Director & Actor - Anshu Singh
Language - Hindi
Duration- 90 Minutes

I went to the dance class for rehearsals with Sir and Saee taai for my Visharad exam, on the 22nd of December, with my sprained foot… oh I forgot to mention- I had met with an accident the day before, which resulted in the sprained foot. Sir looked at my swollen foot and said ,

" why do you want to kill yourself, go watch some plays and write some reviews." So there I was, on my way to watch तिरिछ… although the whole situation made me sulk ( only dancers can relate to this. You prepare with mehnat and pasina for Akhil bhartiya gandharva mahavidyalay exam and then because of something you don't get to appear... Anyways) but damn! I am grateful that I took Sir's advice. Two things happened that evening .......Read More

Ram sajivan ki prem katha

Written by: Uday Prakash Ji
Adaptation and Direction by: Gyanendra Singh (Anshu)
Language - Hindi
Duration- 120 Minutes

Written about 22 years ago, it is a short story adopted by several young theatre groups throughout India, due its new relevance in contemporary socio - cultural ambiance. Needless to say, it was dragged down to unpleasant caste - political controversies in Hindi by its hegemonic power groups, inflicting vindications and reprimands to the writer once again. However thanks to Anshu Singh and his entire team for adopting and performing it at several places in Maharashtra a state witnessing a new socio- cultural transformations and applauding it. The story, telling about a conflict and disconnect of the ideology and social reality, emotions and it's object, subjectivity and other truths and a grave cavity between the intellect and senses thus creating an anology in an unique narrative structure, loaded with significant subtexts, of today's institutionalized political organizations and their lost interrelations with existing darker spaces of marginalized classes Synopsis written by Uday Prakash Ji.

Veterans Corner


TOPIC : Pandemic time, a great opportunity for actors.

An exclusive talk on Theatre, where renowned theatre personality and former Director of National School of drama Devendra Raj 'Ankur' shared his own profound experiences with eminent actor, theatre practitioner GYANENDRA SINGH aka Anshu, the founder of Ramagya Theatre Lab.

GYANENDRA : Dear Ankur Ji, tell us about your experience with the pandemic? Did you do anything new during this time?

ANKUR : I wrote three books, which are ready to be printed and online classes for a month with N.S.D. I even managed one-week of online class for Pune University, we did an online reading session where we read a total of five stories.

GYANENDRA : Did you miss your rehearsals, performances and all of those theatrical activities during these days?.........Read More