"Advanced Acting Certificate Course"

1 Week Advanced Acting Certificate Course advanced Acting Certificate Course
By Eminent Theatre Personality Mr. Gyanendra Singh

The time of uncertainty can also be the time of opportunity. The days of lockdown (Days of pandemic) can be best utilised by learning and practicing the craft of acting by working on our instrument, the instrument of an actor i.e. Body, Voice, and Mind. It can be used to go back onto ourselves and develop the craft of acting.

RAMAGYA THEATRE LAB conducts periodic workshops (online) on the "Art of Acting". The workshop is an opportunity to learn the craft of acting from eminent theatre practitioner – Gyanendra Singh (Anshu) face-to-face (Live, not recorded). Workshop is very much practical in nature.

The workshop is mainly focused on:

  • Realism (realistic acting)
  • Evolution of acting
  • Element of action
  • Use of body
  • Imagination
  • Relaxation
  • Approaching the text

The art of acting in its very nature is practicing art and performing art, and it can never be complete on the level of reading, intellect, and understanding unless it is followed up by hard, personal, subjective experience. One has to experience and discover one's own way of expression for oneself. And for that, one must have great command over his physical, vocal, and spiritual means. Ramagya Theatre Lab, a talent platform for theatre lovers and theatre practitioners, organises 1 Week Advanced Acting Certificate Course advanced acting workshops, where one can have some concrete approach towards acting. The workshop is very practical in its nature. The 'Art of Acting' workshop is designed in such a systematic manner, where the actor will become aware of his/ her own strengths and shortcomings, areas to evolve by rehearsals and daily practice. Every actor knows that acting demands discipline and rigorous practice, but what to practice? In what direction should one put the effort? This workshop can be a road map to the long highway of "Art of Acting" where participants will have some concrete way and direction to approach a role.



Broad-based Program:

Training in both performance and theory to create finest thinking actors.

Intensive and Exclusive:

Critical analysis of plays and live feedback on individual performances.

Express with an impressive voice:

Introduction to various methods to improve on speech and voice projection.

Advance Methods Simplified:

Deliver convincing acts by learning advanced methods & techniques.

Wholesome Overview of Theatre:

Understand other departments of theatre production like direction and script writing.

Holistic Understanding of Life in Theatre:

Guidance on career-building and life in theatre by highly experienced mentors.


First 20 participants will get a beautiful T-shirt with Ramagya Theatre Lab's logo.

Duration:  2 Hours/ Day
Fees:  Rs.1500

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