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Electric. Entertaining. Engaging. Exclusively on Ramagya Theatre Lab's Digital Stage. In the wake of COVID 19, we found the inspiration to launch a digital platform through which we can cater to entertainment and education alike to the global audiences. Through Ramagya Digital, we broadcast plays, poetry, book reading, and storytelling sessions. With that, we conceptualize many more innovative programs in the form of interactive workshops, symposiums, and webinars to impart education and information on theatre and performing arts to people all over the world.

Acting Workshop

Ramagya Theatre Lab is a place where artists, audiences, community members, and students and educators connect through the power of storytelling. Our acting workshops support artists at all points in their careers, engage audiences before and after the show, encourage our community to make theatre a part of their everyday lives, and inspire the next generation of theatre-goers, artists, and artisans. Moreover, we do many online and in-room programs and workshops for children of all ages across the globe. For your curiosities and queries, feel free to write us on

Our Productions


Writer - Uday Prakash

Director & Actor - Anshu Singh

Language - Hindi

Duration - 90 Minutes

I went to the dance class for rehearsals with Sir and Saee taai for my Visharad exam, on the 22nd of December, with my sprained foot… oh I forgot to mention- I had met with an accident the day before, which resulted in the sprained foot. Sir looked at my swollen foot and said ,

" why do you want to kill yourself, go watch some plays and write some reviews." So there I was, on my way to watch तिरिछ… although the whole situation made me sulk ( only dancers can relate to this. You prepare with mehnat and pasina for Akhil bhartiya gandharva mahavidyalay exam and then because of something you don't get to appear... Anyways) but damn! I am grateful that I took Sir's advice. Two things happened .........Read More

Ram sajivan ki prem katha

Written by: Uday Prakash Ji

Adaptation and Direction by: Gyanendra Singh (Anshu)

Language - Hindi

Duration - 120 Minutes

Written about 22 years ago, it is a short story adopted by several young theatre groups throughout India, due its new relevance in contemporary socio - cultural ambiance. Needless to say, it was dragged down to unpleasant caste - political controversies in Hindi by its hegemonic power groups, inflicting vindications and reprimands to the writer once again. However thanks to Anshu Singh and his entire team for adopting and performing it at several places in Maharashtra a state witnessing a new socio- cultural transformations and applauding it. The story, telling about a conflict and disconnect of the ideology and social reality, emotions and it's object, subjectivity and other truths and a grave cavity between the intellect and senses thus creating an anology in an unique narrative structure, loaded with significant subtexts, of today's institutionalized political organizations and their lost interrelations with existing darker spaces of marginalized classes.