“The Ramagya Theatre is synthesized to create a vibe of freedom and sense of discovering thyself”
- Mr. Gyanendra Singh

About Ramagya Theatre Lab

Championed by Ramagya Group, the Ramagya Theatre Lab is designed and developed by Mr. Gyanendra Singh – one of the most eminent theatre practitioners in India today. Ramagya Theatre Lab is a talent platform for theatre enthusiasts to experience the wholesomeness of performing arts. The idea is to provide an uplifting recreational ground to theatre enthusiasts, literature aficionados, and everyone looking for the holistic development of self. With a vision to support artists recreate their ever-newer versions and curves in their crafts, Ramagya Theatre Lab promulgates creating connection and familiarity with the audience through intimate theatre and platform performances. The Ramagya Theatre lab is open for anyone who wishes to learn, research, comprehend, and appreciate diverse aspects of theatre life and walk into the realm of acting. The lab has been meticulously synthesized by top experts to develop a platform that has the ability to naturally squeeze the creative nectar out of the soul of an artist.

Our Values


To be the dream-adda of every theatre enthusiast with intimate theatre space, rehearsal room, screening room, craft lab, library, and pantry.


To enable and encourage the community of art lovers and devout towards nurturing creativity and honing their craft.



Ramagya Group is pioneering innovation in education for almost two decades. Recognized and felicitated by trusted and esteemed institutions like Forbes and The Times of India, the group is Chaired by Dr. Sanjay Gupta – A name to reckon in the fields of modern schooling and advanced learning. Ramagya Foundation – The CSR arm of the Ramagya Group has positively impacted over 100,000 lives through diverse initiatives and campaigns that encompass various pressing issues in the society today like skill-development, health and sports, animal welfare, and women empowerment. Taking the tradition forward, Ramagya Theatre Lab is the new commitment of Dr. Sanjay Gupta to shape a better society by uplifting theatre and literature.


Mr. Gyanendra Singh (popularly known as Anshu), is an celebrated actor renowned for his unique approach towards acting. Some of his most eminent work is with Mr. Uday Prakash’s Tiricch, one of his magnum opus production that echoes eminence and creativity. Apart from this, his other memorable performances are Rag Darbari, Bade Bhai sahab, Ramsajeevan ki prem Katha, waiting for Godot, Andher Nagari, Dusara Adhyay and so on. As a polyglot, he has staged performances in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit, and won numerous awards, accolades, and media mentions through his praiseworthy theatrical career.